Which Fitness Challenge To Tackle Next?

Fitness and I have a love / hate relationship. As much as I would love to enjoy running, I really don’t and find it quite difficult. I do love walking, and over the last few years I have completed a few walking challenges for charity and to improve my fitness.

view across Jurassic Coast durdle door

In 2016 I did my first Walk the Walk Moon Walk challenge. This was 26.2 miles around London overnight. It was a hard challenge for me as I don’t function well without my sleep, but it was an achievement I was glad to have completed.

I documented my Moon Walk experience on my travel blog in 2016, the posts can be found here if you are interested in reading them.

2017 saw me complete the Jurassic Mighty Hike which was 23 miles along the Jurassic Coast. This was a day time walk, so in theory should have been easier than the Moon Walk, however the Jurassic Coast provided some huge hills to tackle. Who knew it was almost as difficult to walk down a steep incline as it was to climb up it!

As the year comes to the end I have been thinking what fitness challenge to tackle next year. Looking back on the training aspect of both of the above challenges, I realised how much I enjoyed them.

The training for a long walk can be time consuming, especially when you have to find the time for a four or five hour training walk. The rewards however are amazing when you realise what you have achieved and what you have managed to donate to charity. The fitness side of it is also rewarding.

There are so many walking events in the UK, it’s difficult to know which walking challenge to attempt next. I could opt for some mountains and tackle the Lake District peaks, or perhaps the Yorkshire three peaks.

Keeping it a little closer to home, I could perhaps walk more of the Jurassic Coast and go further south towards Devon, rather than staying in Dorset.

I think whatever I decide, it will help to discipline myself in the new year to get some goals to achieve, and make a good dent in sorting out the diet and fitness side of my life that has been a bit lacking of late.


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