Should You Switch To Solid Shampoo Bars?

Our family bathroom always has lots of half empty bottles of shampoo and conditioner left over. For some reason bottles never get emptied and it feels like there is a lot of waste, so lately I have been wondering whether it’s time to switch to solid shampoo bars.

With a lot of focus at the moment on reducing our plastic waste, I decided to swap my usual shampoo and conditioner purchases for some solid shampoo and conditioner.

I’m a big fan of Lush, so they were my go to for my first purchase. I really wasn’t sure what to buy, if there was any difference between the different solid shampoo bars or not, so I bought according to what my senses liked from the ingredients and aromas.

Price Comparison Between Solid Shampoo Bars And Bottles

When I buy a bottle of shampoo or conditioner, my upper limit for cost is around the £2 mark. I will always look to see what’s on offer and buy accordingly. A bottle of shampoo or conditioner will last around two weeks.

The solid shampoo bars are obviously a lot more expensive, but I reasoned that they are also going to last a lot longer so I was keen to see if they would turn out to be better value for money.

Lush Karma solid shampoo bar

My shampoo bar of choice was the Karma Komba solid shampoo bar from Lush. It contains lemongrass, sweet orange, lavandin, pine and patchouli and it smells amazing. A 55g bar cost £7.50 so a lot more than my £2 budget.

For the conditioner, I opted for the conditioner bar entitled Big. This was a subtle scented solid conditioner bar containing sea salt, glycerin, lime and lemon. This bar cost £6.95 for a 50g bar.

Having spent £14.45 the cost-effective test will be if these two products last me longer than 8 weeks.

Lush Karma Komba Solid Shampoo Bar Performance

I was excited to try my solid shampoo bar after reading the reviews and making the decision to purchase.

Once the shampoo bar hit the water, it created a lot of soap suds. I didn’t need a lot to be able to get a generous lather in my hair. My hair was already smelling amazing thanks to the aromas in the shampoo bar, and it was left feeling squeaky after rinsing.

Lush Karma solid shampoo bar

Lush Big Solid Conditioner Bar Performance

The reviews for the Big conditioner bar were slightly less positive than those of the Karma Komba shampoo bar, however I wanted to see for myself. The noticeable difference immediately was that the conditioner bar was difficult to get a lather from.

However, the fact that it’s a conditioner and not a shampoo, there wouldn’t be a lot of lather anyway. I found the best way to apply the solid conditioner bar was to run under the shower and use like a soap directly onto the ends of my hair.

To get more coverage, I used my hands to get some of the conditioner off the bar and ran my hands across my hair. This worked really well and aside from taking a little longer to apply conditioner using a solid bar than it would be using a bottled conditioner, I didn’t find it difficult to use at all.

Results After One Week

I am one week into my journey of using a solid shampoo bar and conditioner bar, and I am impressed. I can’t see that either bar has reduced in size at all yet, and my hair feels and smells amazing.

The Big conditioner bar has worked really well and it’s proven that the effort it worth while, My hair feels soft and refreshed. I used to get quite an itchy scalp which has disappeared in the last week since using the solid shampoo and conditioner.


I will revisit this post and update as time goes on and I can compare the longevity and results of the solid shampoo bar and conditioner bar.

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