Our House By Louise Candlish Book review

Louise Candlish is a new to me author. I happened upon reading Our House on recommendation from a friend who spotted it and thought I would enjoy it. After reading the blurb, I knew I would enjoy the book and made it a priority to begin reading it straight away.


Our House by Louise Candlish introduces us to Fi Lawson who lives with her husband Bram (Abraham) and their two sons in a middle class housing estate in London. We meet Fi as she returns home a day early from a few days away to find strange people in her house. Even worse, the strangers are insisting they have bought the house and are moving in.

How is this happening? Fi is in a state of shock as she attempts to get hold of her husband who appears to have disappeared along with her children. Fi soon locates her children, but not her husband, and what is happening with the people in her house?

Our House is told in the present from both Fi and Bram’s perspective as well as written account of the previous months leading up to that fateful day from both Fi and Bram. After the first page I could tell I was going to enjoy this books and whilst it wasn’t a quick read, it was definitely an enjoyable one.

Fi and Bram are perhaps not the happy couple that their neighbours may perceive them to be. There are plenty of secrets that Bram is keeping from Fi, and how he thought he could get away with them I don’t know. As Bram tells the reader of all his mistakes and events that have led to this day, we have to read Fi’s account that tells of a slightly different story.

Bram is described to have a wild side to him, but have his mistakes cost him his marriage and kids? Reading the events from both Bram and Fi were really interesting. I was reading the book at the same time as a friend and we were coming to the same conclusions with our theories which was great. Whilst we were doing this, our theories weren’t predictable by any means from the writing of Louise Candlish.

Our House was a breath of fresh air, a book that was different yet similar to others I have read in the past. It kept my interest from page one until the end, and revealed a twist even I didn’t anticipate. The ending has left me with a gasp and perhaps a question or two, but I am excited to read more by Louise Candlish now in the future.

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